Getting Down

Why not hang round whilst you’re at the top?

You’ve spent nearly 3 hours getting to the top, so you may as well enjoy yourself whilst you’re up there!

Have a Cuppa at the Cafe

Is there anything better than a well-earned sit down with a cup of tea (International visitors might find this an alien concept – you’ll just have to trust us on this)? After you’ve slogged your way up the mountain you’ll need to refuel, so take your load off in the recently opened Snowdon Summit Visitor Centre.


Gorgeously designed with panoramic views over the rest of Snowdonia, there’s plenty of space inside the sheltered cafe to take a seat and ruminate on your accomplishment. If you’re feeling peckish there’s an opportunity to grab some cake too – go on, you’ve earned it.

Take a Selfie

It’s the 21st Century, no one will believe that you’ve climbed a mountain unless you’ve got photographic evidence. Now you’ve left the sharp drops and rocky outcrops behind, you can unleash your selfie stick and properly show off to your social network.


With the stunning backdrops of Snowdonia, you’ll never find a better opportunity to pose like the adventurous explorer that you are on the inside. For extra effect, bring some spray on snow to really get the arctic vibe going.

Get your Bearings at the Marker

Although you might have to wait a few minutes, especially if you’re hiking up Snowdon during peak season in summer, the brass marker at the very peak is always worth a gander. With convenient pointers, showing you how far away major destinations are in England – you can get a real perspective on the lay of the land.


If you’re not quite done taking photos, this is another great spot to grab a quick snap. Just make sure you’re speedy about it, this part of the summit tends to get rather crowded during the day!

Enjoy a Train Ride Down

After spending maybe a few hours getting to Snowdonia, another 2 or 3 climbing up to the peak and a couple more at the top – you can be forgiven for taking the easy option on the way down. Although you’ll be missing out on the opportunity of soaking in the glorious vistas at your own pace – the comfort and style of the regular trains down from the summit is well worth the money.


For those looking to take shelter from the weather and enjoy the smooth ride back down to the car – the train is a lovely way to end your Snowdon experience.