North Wales Is Crowned Fourth Best Region In The World

There’s nothing like a bit of recognition.

After the hard work put in by local government officials and businessmen – the prestigious tourism writers of Lonely Planet have named North Wales the #4 Best Region to Visit in the World.

The region has undergone huge changes in the last few years and Lonely Planet have chosen to reward this with a much valued place on their coveted ‘Top Regions’ list.

Not resting on their laurels, Welsh tourism chiefs are hoping to double down in the next few years with plans for huge installations, further investment in castles, in addition to brand new adventure attractions – akin to Zip World and Surf Snowdonia.

Before you take advantage of all of the wonderful new adventures you can discover in North Wales, have a quick look at this list of things you’ll need to make the most of your time in this award-winning region:

Telescope for Stargazing

Officially named a Dark Sky Reserve by the Institute Directors in December 2015, if you haven’t considered buying a telescope for your trip to North Wales – then you might want to change your mind!


You can buy relatively cheap compact eyepieces from most retailers – but a telescope is for life – so you may as well splash out on something a little more upmarket…

Mongolian Fur Gilet for Warmth

If you haven’t noticed, it’s starting to grow a little chilly in Snowdonia. If you’re thinking about taking a weekend away at any point from now until April, you should bring along some serious thermals.


Of course, hiking thermals are always recommended but for extra snugness grab a Mongolian Black Fur Gilet to keep yourself warm in style.

Wetsuit Boots for any kind of Water-based Activity

From the truly epic experience of Surf Snowdonia to the humble day of Gorge Walking, these rubberised neoprene booties are an absolute must-have for any water based occasion.


They’re going to get mighty battered on any trip to Snowdonia, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on these guys – just make sure that every member of the family has a pair!

One Good OS Map – because it’s a big and people always get lost

Each and every year there are countless of reports in the local news of even the most experienced hikers and adventurers losing their way amongst the hills of the Ogden Valley and trails of Snowdon.


Do yourself a favour and avoid calling out the Rescue Patrol. Buy just one decent Ordnance Survery map of Snowdonia and you’ll be sorted for life. Pair this with a standard compass and you’ll always know where you are, regardless of network signal.

A Rubberized Case For Your Phone

Speaking of phones, yours won’t be much good if it slips from your hand whilst your taking a hike up to the peak. We know mobile phones lose their chic slimness when you slap a chunky case on it – but you’ll thank us when it bounces harmlessly off a rock rather than shattering to pieces.


A phone case doesn’t have to be for life – just buy a decent outdoorsy rubber case (there are plenty to choose from right here) and you’ll be covered for all the selfies on the move you’ll be taking whilst your mountain biking, zip lining and hiking around the region.