Winter Hiking Tips for 2017

Keeping Warm and Safe this Winter

Snowdon may well be considered one of the easier British mountains to ascend, but that doesn’t make it a cake-walk by any stretch.

Now that we’re well and truly heading into the Winter season there are a few extra safety tips that are well worth keeping in mind, if you’re considering taking a trip up to the peak in the next coming months.

Before you head on your Winter expedition up Snowdon, keep these tips in mind so you have a safe and fun time:

Keep an eye on the weather forecast

This is something that more people forget to do than you’d think! The boffins at the Met Office are getting better at predicting the weather every year, to the point where it’s actually a safe bet to trust them especially for short term forecasts.

The weather can change on a real knife edge up here in Snowdon so it’s best to know how bad its going to get, before you make the trip to see us. Once you know the very worst that it can throw at you, then you’re in a better position to pack sensibly.

It’s getting colder – so put some layers on!

From here on in, the temperatures can get pretty low at the peak, not to mention the surrounding land of Snowdon. Over night, the temperatures can drop to -4 degrees, during the day it might not get above 4 degrees, so it’s really important that you layer up well before you head out.

A long-sleeved technical t-shirt is a great choice for a base layer, you can then cover this over with a lightweight jumper, then a bigger jumper – finish off with your waterproof for extra insulation and don’t forget about your hat and gloves!

Always take a friend

As romantic and totally ‘insta-worthy’ it might sound to go hiking up Snowdon all by yourself, during Winter this is really not a good idea. Although there might well be hundreds of people ascending Snowdon up a variety of paths, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be there to help you if something goes wrong.

Having at least one friend hiking with you will mean that you have a lifeline in case First Aid is needed or you need to stop for any reason. One more person also means one extra bag, which means more kit and food – which is never a bad thing.

Pack smart

Although the average ascent-descent time up Snowdonia is usually low, at around 4-6 hours, you’ll need plenty of food and hydration in order to do the excursion in comfort. Food and drink should be your priority when it comes packing your bag – a few litres of water are a good idea and you should seriously consider a thermos flask of cocoa or tea, to keep you warm whilst you enjoy the view from the top.

You should always consider taking some emergency gear with you, regardless of how pleasant the weather forecast is looking. If every member of your party takes a piece of gear (emergency shelter, first aid, mobile phone etc.) then you’ll have the kit to spare should something go wrong.